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The artwork of Oskar Mulley is characterized by its specific style and technique. The artist applied the paint with a palette knife in overlaying layers and thus painted structured impasto paintings which echo the depicted rocks and mountains and their rough surface perfectly. His paintings were so very popular in the 1920ies and especially in the 1930ies as well in Austria as in Germany that forgeries and copies began to circulate early and Oskar Mulley had to sue a copycat (and won) to limit the financial damage.

As one of the most popular and succesful artists of his time Oskar Mulley exhibited in the Künstlerhaus Wien in 1927 was awarded with the Wiener Volkspreis des Wiener Künstlerhauses in 1929 and was a member of the Wiener Künstlerhauses as well as the Vienna Secession. Until today his paintings captivate with their high quality and impressive effects.


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